Tenastelin : Clean Up The World

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Tenastelin - Clean Up The World
Centry Titre - Horns Mix
Centry Titre - Dubplate Mix
Chazbo - Lightning And Thunder
Chazbo - Dub 1
Chazbo - Dub 2
MAXIS / 12INCH / 10INCH : Clean Up The World : Tenastelin : Yi Mas Gan : : UK : 5010579 : Neuf : 13.00€ : 0.25kg
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Titre : Energy
Artiste : ITP Music Ft Ark Aingelle
Label : Black Redemption
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ITP Music Ft Ark Aingelle
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Embark on a journey in reggae music from Bristol UK to Kingston JA with ‘Time Will Tell’, a collaborative opus uniting Henry & Louis (Andy Scholes & Jack Lundie) with Rob Smith from Smith & Mighty (under his Blue & Red alias) and great voices in reggae music. Originally released in 2001, the mixtape-style album makes its return, freshly remastered for the record stores & streaming platforms!

The story begins in the summer of 1996 when a young Andy Scholes sets off from Bristol to Jamaica to trace the origins of reggae music straight back to its origins. Armed with an abundance of passion and a 16-track reel-to-reel full of instrumentals produced by his friends Rob & Jack, his ambition is to record his favourite Jamaican vocalists and to produce an album.

With no contacts in Kingston, Andy crosses paths with UB40’s frontman Ali Campbell in the streets of the capital through a series of unexpected events. Ali took a dear interest the project and generously opened his Port Maria studio to Andy, offering him a lavish workroom to bring life to ‘Time Will Tell’.

Tony Tuff, Willie Williams, Johnny Clarke, Pacey, Shalom, Prince Green… Andy returns to England, his luggage packed with incredible recordings printed on tape. The fusion of Rob and Jack's modern production with the authentic conscious lyrics breathes of something deep and unique. To finalise the project, the three accomplices decide to invite MCs from their entourage on the track list including the original Tippa Irie; in total 13 singers make the cut onto the continuous mix album!

Time Will Tell, a musical excursion through Bristol and Kingston in the late 90s, guided by roots reggae infused with UK dub & trip-hop. Time Will Tell, celebrating the power of music to inspire positive change. 22 years after its inception, the record’s innovation and mystique continues to shine, Time Will Tell…
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