Caltone Special
Rock Steady With Tommy Mccook


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  Yvonne Harrison - Near To You

  Lloyd Jackson Grovers - Do It To Me Baby

  Diplomats - Meet Me At The Corner

  Heptones - I Am Lonely

  Emotions - Soulful Music

  Roy Shirley - Get On The Ball

  Johnny Moore, Tommy Mccook - Sound & Soul

  Yvonne Harrison - The Chase

  Honey Boy Martin - Dreader Than Dread

  Ken Boothe - The One I Love

  Emotions - Don't Want To Let You Go

  Claudette Thomas - Roses Are Red My Love

  Tommy Mccook - Caltone Special

  Heptones - Gunman Coming To Town

  Emotions - No Use To Cry

  Yvonne Harrison - Take My Hands

  Don Drummond Junior - Sir Pratt Special

  Hemsley Morris - Love Is Strange

  Emotions - Careless Hands

  Emotions - Buy You A Rainbow

  Danny & Group - In The Mood

  Heptones - School Girls

  Heptones - Ain't That Bad

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