Junia Walker
The Sequel

BASS: Chris Meredith
DRUMS: Santa Davis, Benbo, Squiddley Cole
GUITAR: Chinna Smith, Gibby Morrison
LEAD GUITAR: Chinna Smith, Fazal Prendergast, Tonic Dunkley
KEYBOARDS: Tony Asher, Phillip James
HORNS: Arnold Brackenbridge, Tony Green, Everold Gayle, Tan Tan
PIANO: Tony Asher, Tarzan, Phillip James
PERCUSSION: Harry T, Squiddley Cole, Sticky

  No Bangarang

  Walker Dub

  I An Jah

  Jahnoi Dub

  Evening Time

  Just Say Dub

  Wha Come Outa De I

  Coxsone's Dub

  Jah Will Be

  The Concurrence Table

  Spanglers Rocksteady

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