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Rod Taylor
Ethiopian Kings

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1-Ethioian Kings (discomix) Ethioian Kings (discomix)

2-Every Little Thing Every Little Thing

3-Be Sensible Be Sensible

4-Look Berfore You Leap Look Berfore You Leap

5-Independent Bam Independent Bam

6-Night In Septemeber Night In Septemeber

7-In The Right Way In The Right Way

8-His Imperial Majesty His Imperial Majesty

9-Run Run Run Run

10-No One Can Tell I About Jah No One Can Tell I About Jah

11-Independant Bam Independant Bam

12-Behold Him Behold Him

13-Bad Man Comes And Goes Bad Man Comes And Goes

14-Nu Chuck It (dillinger) Nu Chuck It (dillinger)

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